Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Creativity Takes No Excuses


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hello Summer Manifesto 2012

(A great big thank you to Ali Edwards for this fantabulous idea!)

  • Slow down the pace.
  • Go to the pool lots.
  • Drink lemonade, raspberry iced tea, and iced coffee. 
  • Eat lots of (yummy) watermelon. 
  • Beach it.
  • Ride bikes, take walks.
  • Read, Read, then Read some more!
  • Scrapbook, Scrapbook, then Scrapbook some more!
  • Eat outside as often as possible (Serena loves this).
  • Barbecue (well, rather, have hubby barbecue).
  • Keep to exercise routine (it's not the time to fall off the wagon).
  • Say "yes" more often than not (within reason) to the kids.
  • Go on dates with the hubby.
  • Get together with friends as much as possible.
  • ENJOY.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Scrapbook Partiez for Kidz

Contact me for details if you are interested in having a scrapbook party!  Great idea for birthday parties and girl scout troops.  I will soon post pictures of sample mini books available to make during the parties.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Let’s Talk Kits

What kind of kits you might ask?  Why, scrapbook collection kits, of course!  I’m addicted & I mean ADDICTED to scrapbook collection kits.  I mean, what’s not to love?  Everything I could possibly need is beautifully packaged together & ready for designing the perfect layout.  The package looks almost too pretty to open.  But I do.  Collection kits make my life so much easier.  Collection kits make scrapbooking so much easier.  Patterned papers, letter stickers, cardstock stickers, chipboard, & more take the guesswork out of scrapbooking for people like me.  By people like me, I mean those of us who have a difficult time figuring out what colors complement each other and which patterns to put together.  For me, collection kits are to scrapbooking what a knight in shining armor is to a princess, my savior.  How about you?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Let's Talk Scrapbooking

Those who know me know how much I LOVE to scrapbook.  Those who don’t (yet) know me will learn how much I LOVE to scrapbook!  It’s most certainly my #1 hobby.  Actually, it’s more than a hobby; scrapbooking is a very big part of my life.  I have other hobbies too, playing Mah Jongg, reading, & shopping (oh, how I love to shop!).  But scrapbooking is my creative outlet.  Scrapbooking allows me to create beautiful memorabilia to share with the most important people in my life.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I’m not a designer & I admit, I’m a huge fan of “scraplifting” (my favorite buzzword these days)!  But somehow, those “scraplifted” layouts still turn out to be mine.  Adding my own finishing touches here and there, the layout that started out as a scraplift, turns into a creation of my very own. And that makes me feel good.  In fact, it makes me feel great.

Although I usually answer “since 2003” when asked how long I’ve been scrapbooking, if I really want to get technical about it, I’ve probably been scrapbooking since high school, or perhaps even earlier.  Remember those old photo albums with the sticky glue strips and clear plastic pages?  I would arrange my pictures and include quotes, cut-outs from magazines and newspapers, postcards, ticket stubs, stickers, or anything else I came across to go along with those pictures.  My high school and college years were spent taking photos of friends and family and making my first scrapbooks. 

With this blog, I hope to spread the enjoyment of scrapbooking.  I want everyone to love it as much as I do and I hope you all come along for the ride!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Scrappers vs. Scrapperz

Would you believe that I can’t use ScrapperZ Delight for my dba because the word “ScrapperZ” is not in the dictionary?  Therefore, technically, we will be known as “Scrappers Delight.”  However, for email, blogging, & website purposes, we are ScrapperZ Delight.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Family Historian

As far back as I can recall I’ve always owned a camera.  Remember those instamatic cameras featuring 126 film and “Magicube” flash cubes? 

Then along came those pocket instamatics featuring 110 film.  They still required flash cubes for taking pictures when there wasn’t enough light but they were smaller and easier to use.

My first “expensive” camera was a gift from my father when I was in college, a 135 millimeter AV-1 by Canon. 

I never really mastered the use of that camera because soon after I received one of those easy to use 135 point and shoot cameras with a built-in flash and focus free lens.  The film loaded and advanced automatically so there was little to do other than, dare I say it, point and shoot!  I was more interested in obtaining the picture for nostalgic purposes rather than learning about photography.

Disposable cameras, what a beautiful concept.  With or without a flash, with or without quotes printed on the bottom of your pictures, some were even waterproof!  If I forgot my camera at home I could always run into the nearest store and pick up a cheap disposable, although, honestly, with my family of photographer-wanna-be’s, we were never short on cameras!

Digital camera, no way! I was totally opposed.  “Why do we need one?” I asked my husband, "We already have a camera."  Change is hard!  But then practicality took over and I realized how much money was being spent buying and developing film, not to mention then throwing out those lousy pictures, you know the ones, eyes closed, cheesey smile, not quite the group shot you were hoping for.  If only I had a digital camera, I could delete those unwanted images with the press of a button and try again for the perfect photo.  Hmmm, maybe it was a good idea after all.  And so, my first digital camera was acquired.

Now, digital cameras come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.  Disposable cameras are even digital. Cell phones have cameras.  We all have cameras!  Take some pictures, upload, download, share, and/or print.  Memories can be shared with those we love both near and far with the touch of a button.

And so, I’m pretty much the family historian.  My camera is always with me and if by chance I forgot it, I still have my cell phone!