Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Family Historian

As far back as I can recall I’ve always owned a camera.  Remember those instamatic cameras featuring 126 film and “Magicube” flash cubes? 

Then along came those pocket instamatics featuring 110 film.  They still required flash cubes for taking pictures when there wasn’t enough light but they were smaller and easier to use.

My first “expensive” camera was a gift from my father when I was in college, a 135 millimeter AV-1 by Canon. 

I never really mastered the use of that camera because soon after I received one of those easy to use 135 point and shoot cameras with a built-in flash and focus free lens.  The film loaded and advanced automatically so there was little to do other than, dare I say it, point and shoot!  I was more interested in obtaining the picture for nostalgic purposes rather than learning about photography.

Disposable cameras, what a beautiful concept.  With or without a flash, with or without quotes printed on the bottom of your pictures, some were even waterproof!  If I forgot my camera at home I could always run into the nearest store and pick up a cheap disposable, although, honestly, with my family of photographer-wanna-be’s, we were never short on cameras!

Digital camera, no way! I was totally opposed.  “Why do we need one?” I asked my husband, "We already have a camera."  Change is hard!  But then practicality took over and I realized how much money was being spent buying and developing film, not to mention then throwing out those lousy pictures, you know the ones, eyes closed, cheesey smile, not quite the group shot you were hoping for.  If only I had a digital camera, I could delete those unwanted images with the press of a button and try again for the perfect photo.  Hmmm, maybe it was a good idea after all.  And so, my first digital camera was acquired.

Now, digital cameras come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.  Disposable cameras are even digital. Cell phones have cameras.  We all have cameras!  Take some pictures, upload, download, share, and/or print.  Memories can be shared with those we love both near and far with the touch of a button.

And so, I’m pretty much the family historian.  My camera is always with me and if by chance I forgot it, I still have my cell phone! 

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  1. Nice Post! All those cameras bring back a lot of memories.